* How does Homoeopathy work?

* How long does treatment take ?

* Will homoeopathic treatment interfere with other medications ?

* How do you take the remedies ?


How Does Homoeopthy Work?

Homoeopathic treatment stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself. As an holistic therapy it treats the whole person using an approach based on Hippocrates observation 2000 years ago that “like cures like”
Samuel Hahnemann the founder of homoeopathy developed this system of treatment 200 years ago.

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How Long Does Treatment take?

Homoeopathy treats the individual and I advise that a patient comes to see me three times over a four month period.
In some cases there can be an immediate improvement of symptons. As each patient is unique treatment times will vary

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Will homoeopathy interfere with other medications?

Homoeopathic remedies as a general rule do not interfere with conventional medication. Never stop taking medications prescribed by your GP without discussing this with the prescriber first. Homoeopathy is a complementary system of medicine so can work alongside other forms of treatment.

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How do you take the remedies?

Remedies may be supplied in the form of pills or tablets, powders or liquid. Directions for use will be printed on the label.

Tablets Suck or Chew

Pills Dissolve Under Tongue

Powders Take Dry on the Tongue

Liquids Take Five drops directly on the tongue or add five drops to a small amount of water

Leave a 15 – 20 min gap prior to or after eating or drinking when taking remedies. Avoid strong flavours including Toothpaste. tobacco, Coffee, Tea or Peppermint 20 minutes before and after taking the remedy

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