Pregnancy & Birth Support during CoVid-19

Homeopathic remedies can provide invaluable support during childbirth for all mothers-to-be, and are especially helpful to have to hand during a home-birth. Candice recommends the Helios Childbirth Kit or the Ainsworths Mother & Child kit, both of which come with easy to follow booklets to help with self-prescribing. Candice is available for a SKYPE tutorial for Mothers-to-be and their birthing partner, in advance of childbirth to explore how the remedies in the kits can be best utilised.

18 Remedy Helios Homeopathic Childbirth Kit
Helios Childbirth Kit

During the SKYPE Tutorial with Candice it is recommended that the birth partner attends along with the mother-to-be to get the best support from the remedies. The usual £95 fee, for an hour and a half long session, is reduced to £45 at this time, until further notice [please do get in touch even if you cannot afford to pay anything and I will do what I can to help]

Hypnobirthing Practitioner, Amy Dignam, has posted the following message for expectant mothers during this extraordinary global situation:

“If you know of anybody who is currently pregnant and feeling anxious and stressed by this very uncertain situation we’re in, PLEASE do put them in touch with me.

Pregnant women are currently having appointments, tests and classes cancelled and this is certainly cause of distress.

I am offering 121online classes on KGhypnobirthing relaxation techniques for half the usual price.”

Birth and Pregnancy Yoga can be practiced at home with the expertise of Nadia Raafat whose on-line classes are available to help Mothers-to-be prepare whilst in self-isolation:

Becoming Mother’s 5 lesson Pregnancy Yoga course will take you on a journey of Yoga and Mindfulness specially adapted for your pregnancy. Featuring 5 x 45 minute dynamic pregnancy yoga classes and 5 stand-alone mindfulness meditations this programme is designed to accompany you through your pregnancy  journey from 14 weeks to the birth of your baby. 

Nadia Raafat’s yoga for pregnancy on-line classes

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