Corporate Clinics

 Greendaisies Homeopathy is delighted to offer a brand sparkling new service for 2017, “Corporate Clinics” – Attention all Managing Directors: Greendaisies Homeopath, Candice, will attend your workplace for a full or half day, depending on your staff numbers, where she will be available for 15 minute acute consultations for your team. This service is fantastic for Employers who value good health and attendance of their employees. By providing an holistic clinic for acute complaints, virus’ that can often run amok through departments and places of work can be treated to reduce their effects; staff members can get general homeopathic support to enhance their vitality, so they are less prone to contracting the virus’ making the rounds, and the general improvement in well-being of the staff, can lead to better productivity and morale, especially in stressful or busy working environments.

The way it works: Greendaisies Homeopath, Candice, sets up in a vacant office or meeting room for the required time and provides 15 minute consultations, and a homeopathic prescription which can be bought at various outlets in the area.

Cost: To attend half a day 9am – 1pm or 1pm – 5pm Greendaisies charges £180.00. This covers up to 16 members of staff who wish to have a 15 minute acute consultation with a homeopath.

Consultations: Acute clinics are generally to treat complaints that have been experienced for 3 months or less. Any longer term or chronic complaints can be referred for a full Greendaisies consultation (standard consultation fees apply), to take place at a mutually convenient time, out of working hours.

Types of acute complaints that can be addressed: Common colds, coughs, headaches, stress, anxiety, sleep issues, strains, injuries, digestive complaints, allergies, hayfever and more.

Contact Candice if you would like to discuss how Homeopathy can help to create a happier healthier workforce.


How can Homeopathy support my business? Homeopathy can support your business in several ways. An acute clinic is an opportunity for staff members to step outside of the busy office environment for a short time, where they can seek help in addressing health issues that may be connected to work; They will receive a prescription slip to address any acute complaints which will help them recover more quickly. There may be dynamics within the office where hierarchical structures prevent members of the team to be able to express themselves effectively or feel listened to. A homeopathic consultation can provide a safe space to let off steam and find solutions to resolving conflicts within the office environment, in tandem with the work of the HR department. Homeopathic treatment addresses the deeper issues that may prevent some individuals from thriving in their work environment. The clinic can be utilised by staff according to their needs from anything from help with treating symptoms of a cold or hayfever to helping to resolve anxiety about public speaking or presentation preparation to emotional issues triggered by clashes of personalities in the environment. A workforce with a healthy mind and body will enhance your business success and productivity.

Can you explain the fee for the clinic? The fee is based on £15.00 per consultation. A half day clinic is £180.00 and is made up of 16 acute consultation sessions for the price of 12.

Marketing the clinic? Greendaisies offers a complimentary introduction to Homeopathy and what is on offer at the Homeopathic clinic up to 2 weeks before the first clinic. Clinics can run weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your office needs and the popularity.  The introduction talk is up to an hour long and covers a brief introduction to Homeopathy and how the clinic works , plus opportunity for questions and answers.

Candice has been providing popular talks for charities and businesses for many years and her Corporate Clinics are intended to expand the awareness of homeopathy and natural remedies for common complaints, while providing a service to help Employers support their workforce holistically.



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