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18 Remedy Helios Homeopathic Childbirth Kit

Homeopathic remedies can provide invaluable support during childbirth for all mothers-to-be, from those who are planning a home-birth to those choosing to deliver in a midwife led birth centre, as well as for those opting for or needing Caesarian Section within a hospital environment. The remedies are completely safe to take alongside any other medication or pain relief and can treat many issues that arise during childbirth for mother and baby, from feelings of anxiety and fatigue or exhaustion to stimulating the delivery of the placenta in the third stage without the need for the routinely given Oxytocin injection. There is a homeopathic remedy that may stimulate a baby with a breach presentation to turn, and can be taken to turn the baby as long as it is taken before the baby is firmly engaged. There are also homeopathic remedies that may assist in establishing contractions when they are not progressing. In a hasty labour homeopathic remedies can also be taken which may help with profuse haemorrhaging.  There is a remedy that can be taken for distressing pains which accomplish little, the same remedy is highly recommended by homeopaths after any mechanical intervention during childbirth and after C-Section. For a mother-to-be experiencing great fear and dread of something going wrong and for baby if it is born with signs of asphyxia and breathlessness, which also may address retained urine there may be a homeopathic remedy to alleviate and provide emotional as well as physical support.  Homeopathic remedies may also help to speed up healing after episiotomy, and if the coccyx or tailbone has been displaced and is causing discomfort and pain.

For a homeopathic remedy list and guidance for prescribing during childbirth email Candice at and request Childbirth information for a few remedies that may help during childbirth.

Green Daisies Homeopathy recommend and can provide for mother’s-to-be the Ainsworths Mother and Baby Kit and the Helios Childbirth kit as an economical way of having to hand a comprehensive selection of homeopathic remedies for use during childbirth. Contact Candice by email directly to purchase a kit.

The kits are also extremely useful for Homeopaths, Midwives and Doula’s to use providing a helpful booklet and guide to how to prescribe the remedies. Green Daisies Homeopathy also recommends The Accoucheur’s Handbook by Yingling (ISBN 81-7021-329-0) for a more in depth guide and manual to the use of the homeopathic remedies provided in the kits.

Preparation for childbirth

Being prepared and informed empowers the mother-to-be to feel capable and ready. For anyone keen to use homeopathic remedies, it is recommended that the birth partner familiarise themselves with the booklets provided in the homeopathic childbirth kits a few weeks in advance so they feel confident of prescribing throughout the stages of labour, whether in hospital, a birthing centre or at home.

Face-to-face or over-the phone consultations are available with Candice exclusively to explain how to get the most from any homeopathic remedy kit for childbirth. It is recommended that the birth partner attends the consultation along with the mother-to-be. Bring your kit along or one can be purchased directly from Candice. This hour and a half long session is £75.00 for those who have a kit and wish to bring theirs along; £100.00 which includes a Helios 18 remedy Childbirth kit or £110.00 which includes an Ainsworths Mother and Baby 42 Homeopathic Remedy kit.


The practice of Yoga in preparation for Childbirth is highly recommended. Pregnancy yoga classes can help to calm the mind, focus the energy and breath, and strengthen the body, preparing mind and body for childbirth. Battersea Yoga, London has on-going 12 week pregnancy yoga courses led by Nadia Raafat, and fantastic resources for the mother-to-be.

I attended an informative and excellent talk at Battersea Yoga in December 2010 by Independent Midwife Annie Francis BSc (hons), CQSW, RM and recommend all mothers-to-be to approach their midwife with any questions, visit the AIMS website for their articles and publications and if possible to attend any talks offered in your area.

For a homeopathic remedy list and guidance for prescribing during childbirth email Candice at and request Childbirth information for a few remedies that may help. For further guidance the Homeopathic Helpline is available 9am-midnight every day. The qualified homeopaths on the help line will be able to provide homeopathic prescribing advice for stages of labour.

Click here for homeopathy to help mother and baby.