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During pregnancy, complaints including morning sickness can be treated effectively and most importantly safely for both mother and baby. During the first three months of pregnancy all medication should be avoided, this being the most vulnerable time for mother and baby. Herbs, as well as some Vitamins and Minerals, unless specifically recommended and designed for use during pregnancy are also to be avoided. Homeopathy, however can be invaluable during this time.

John Demonte’s Tissue Salt pregnancy program uses the New Era tissue salts to support the gestation process for mother and baby. It was devised to assist mother and child throughout the pregnancy. The program can be joined at any time. This program can help to address deficiencies and help the baby with his or her basic need of mineral salts. 2 tablets of each in 6x potency to be taken 2 -4 times daily.

Month 2 and 6: Ferr Phos., Mag Phos., Calc Fluor.

Month 3 and 7: Nat Mur., Mag Phos., Calc Fluor.

Month 4 and 8: Silica, Nat Mur., Calc Fluor.

Month 5 and 9: Ferr Phos., Silica., Calc Fluor.

Homeopathic Remedies for Morning sickness and Nausea:

Morning sickness usually occurs in the first trimester. For mothers-to-be who have followed advice to eat little and often, have tried taking ginger in every form, tried going on brisk walks and who still experience nausea email Candice at and request her Pregnancy remedy information for remedies that may help for symptoms associated with pregnancy, and for further guidance the Homeopathic Helpline is available 9am-midnight every day. (Candice is available every Tuesday)


The practice of Yoga in preparation for Childbirth is highly recommended. Pregnancy yoga classes can help to calm the mind, focus the energy and breath, and strengthen the body, preparing mind and body for childbirth. Battersea Yoga, London has on-going 12 week pregnancy yoga courses and fantastic resources for the mother-to-be.

Homeopathy for Childbirth

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