It is estimated that a quarter of couples experience a period of infertility at some point in their reproductive lives, leading to 1 in 6 couples going on to see an infertility specialist. Unexplained infertility can be devastating and because fertility treatment itself, like IVF does not guarantee conception, in some cases the issues surrounding the desire but inability to conceive can further exacerbate the situation.

Homeopathic individualised treatment can address underlying issues that may be preventing a couple from conceiving. Along with other complementary approaches including psychotherapy, homeopathic treatment is a gentle and non-invasive approach.

Candice operates a referral system with psychotherapist and infertility counsellor Annie Reed Henderson, who has enjoyed many years of success helping couples through infertility. Her article Unexplained Infertility published in Therapy Today (February 2008) provides case studies and treatment plans that have helped many couples to conceive with and without IVF treatment.  Annie practises in London +44 (0)7958 203 256.